‘Flabbergasted’ – Brocton boss on red cards amid mass brawl vs Stafford Town

The night ended in a 4-1 defeat for the Badgers

Screengrab credit: Brocton FC

Three red cards were handed out in Brocton’s cup clash with Stafford Town on Tuesday night, after a mass brawl between players and staff.

The two clubs were meeting in the first round of the North West Counties Football League First Division Cup.

Brocton and Stafford’s Twitter feed said all 22 players on the pitch plus personnel on the benches were involved in the second-half melee, which was sparked by a series of rough challenge.

The referee decided to show red cards to Badgers Ben Haddaway and Kenny Devoir, who was on the bench.

Later on in the game, a Stafford Town man on the bench was dismissed albeit the on-pitch game remained ten vs 11.



Brocton boss Curtis: I don’t know what he’s seen

Speaking to club media after the game, Brocton manager Alex Curtis aired his frustration with the dismissals.

“To be honest, (I’m) flabbergasted by the whole situation,” he said.

“I don’t want to comment too much on it because frankly I don’t know what he’s (the referee) seen.

“The fact there’s not even a single card for Stafford Town players – I truthfully don’t think he knows what’s gone on.”

He added: “In a derby game, tempers can flair up. And I think we’ve got dragged in by that a little bit.

“It’s about how we responded, but it took the wind out of our sails a little bit.”

Christian Blanchette had opened the scoring for the visitors, smashing the ball home after 34 minutes.

Karen Danilan managed to net Stafford’s equaliser in first-half stoppage time after he drilled the ball through a crowd of players and into the net.

Nathan Scott put the hosts ahead three minutes after the break before increasing the margin to two just after the hour mark.

Declan Arber secured the win ten minutes from time with a 30-yard strike which nestled in the bottom corner.

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