‘Thanks for your efforts’ – Hednesford Town fans react to vice-chairman exit

He’s been thanked for his time at the club

Photo credit: Hednesford Town FC

Hednesford Town supporters have been sending in their messages to the club after vice-chairman Hayden Dando stepped down from his position this week.

Dando arrived at the Pitmen in May 2020 with business partner Graham Jones.

But he has now sold his shares in the club to Jones who will now take full control following his departure.

In a statement on Monday, the 36-year-old revealed the reasons behind his exit.

He said: “My decision has not been an easy one.

“However, a combination of me having some other business opportunities that I wish to pursue and pressure on my time with my family has led to Graham and myself making the decision that it is the right time for me to leave.

“Running a football club is a very time consuming activity which perhaps people don’t always realise before they make public criticism, as often happens.

“I hope my time with the club has been beneficial and I have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the vast majority of Hednesford Town supporters and I have really enjoyed the past couple of years.”



Hednesford fans give Dando warm send off

The Hednesford faithful showed their appreciation on social media for how Dando had helped progress the club in just under two years:

Lee Slater: If you leave something in better shape than you inherited then that is progress and success. If these two gentlemen hadn’t come along who knows where Hednesford would of been with these challenging times (Covid). No-one seen coming. Best of luck Ade.

Hayden Dando and Graham Jones

Kevin FP: All the best Ade – thanks for your contribution to keeping our club alive and driving it forward. Graham Jones – please continue the good work that you and Ade have started. Hednesford Town is a club with a long history and long may that continue. UTP.

@TonyDunning1: Thanks for your efforts in putting the club into a better place and good luck for the future.

Marquis Drive: Thank you Hayden for your time and dedication to our club. We wish you all the best for the future mate. You’ve made the club a lot better place than the previous owner! Behind Graham all the way, thank you.

@irish_pitman77: Thanks @AdeDando for what you have done for us & good luck for the future mate. All the best.

David Hunter: Sorry to see you go mate, but I fully understand your decision. I don’t think people realise the amount of work that goes into running a football club at any level. Thanks for all your efforts over the last couple of years.

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